We are pleased to welcome you back to our restaurant! Meet from December 10 at 8:00 a.m. until December 25 at 5:00 p.m. for 15 days of magic! We look forward to showing you our Christmas menu, a coffee and breakfast area as well as our little decoration shop!

A respectful

100 % ethical products
Local and organic agriculture

We are open every day.

Treat your friends!

Le Castel
de Bois Genoud

More than a century of history

A « castel » is a small castle, a manor house.

The story of Bois Genoud dates back to the second half of the eighteenth century when the Polliez family built the house « Le Castel ».

The farm and the restaurant were added on a more recent past. About twenty years ago, some young farmers settled on the farm to develop organic farming. They regularly welcome visitors who want to discover the place.

At the same time, the restaurant opened, focusing on a warm welcome and a creative cooking using organic, local and high-quality products.

A modern and
light cooking

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Good-quality products are at the heart of the organic and healthy cooking of « Le Castel ». Prepared with no butter and no fat, the dishes are seasoned with vegetable coulis, herbs and spices.

Plates are prepared at the last minute and always composed of seasonal products.
Our varied menu with many vegetarian dishes will satisfy the desires and cravings of any food lover coming to « Le Castel ».
To fulfill the demanding character of our cooking, we have selected trustworthy partners.

Supplies come from the nearby farm and are delivered by the Organic and Local Platform using electric bikes and other faithful partners. Our bread comes from the farm Saint-Barthélemy.

Organic and
diverse wines

Give satisfaction to the careful connoisseurs

The drinks served with our dishes are essential in « Le Castel »’s approach. The apple juice, fruit beverages and herbal teas are organic. The coffee beans are grown by a biodynamic fair trade coop in Mexico.

Wines are mostly regional and from biodynamic or organic farming too and they’re often chosen with heart.

Every month a selection of our assortment is sold by the glass.
We’re very careful about the local and organic origins on an everyday basis and we think that being coherent is essential to provide an ethical cooking.


Promoting regional art

Le Castel de Bois Genoud regularly welcomes regional art works to brighten the walls. In the summer, the park nestles an outdoor exhibition.

You wish to exhibit a piece of art ? Please contact us and pass on your file to our team.

Le Castel de Bois Genoud domain

A protected heritage

We are open every day.

Treat your friends!